Quality audits always bring a mix of anticipation and a touch of nerves, no matter how well-prepared we are. It’s like going for a performance review: you know you’ve done your homework, but there's still a flicker of suspense about how it'll turn out. Our latest audit, with one of the lovely MQA auditors was no exception. They really keep us on our toes, ensuring we don't miss a beat. And you know what? We came through with flying colours – a few minor notes here and there, but also some great feedback on the new initiatives we have implemented and are due to implement. 

HOK Research was audited as part of the Kudos Research group. We are focusing our efforts on life sciences and biotech market research on a global scale. Distinguishing ourselves through the quality of our work is paramount. This is where the ISO 20252 standards come into significance. For us, these standards transcend mere formalities; they signify our dedication to upholding the utmost levels of transparency and consistency in our research activities. Complying with these norms offers our clients and partners assurance about the reliability and credibility of our insights, a fact we hold in high regard. 

The ISO 20252 standards serve as the comprehensive guide for ensuring market, opinion, and social research of the highest caliber. They encompass everything from start to finish in conducting research correctly, guaranteeing transparency and uniformity. Adhering to these standards affirms the solidity and trustworthiness of our work, crucial not just to us but also to our clients. 

A heartfelt thank you to the entire team at HOK Research for their unwavering dedication to delivering the best service possible to our partners and clients! You are amazing!