Celebrating One Year as HOK Research GmbH!

Has it really been one year already!? Time flies... Our team—Adam, Clare, Volker, Joakim, Dominika, Shrawan, Sine, Marcus, Marella, Ashley, Xiaojuan, Chang, Albion, Annette, Fakhita, Arlenys, Melahat, Veronika, and all our interviewers, recruiters, and moderators—are incredibly thankful for your trust and support over the last five years and especially during the past 12 months under our rebrand to HOK.

Our Journey

In 2018, we set up in Berlin to better connect with our European clients. By 2023, we rebranded to HOK Research GmbH, reflecting our specialized focus and eliminating name confusion.

Our Services

  • Qualitative Fieldwork
  • Quantitative Fieldwork
  • International Data Collection
  • CATI: Robust telephone interviewing services.
  • Online Surveys: Efficient online data collection.
  • Biotech and Healthcare Data Collection: Leveraging our expertise.
  • Life Sciences Panel: Access to life sciences professionals.
  • Healthcare Data Collection: Engaging healthcare professionals and policymakers.
  • B2B Data Collection: Business-to-business research.
  • UX Testing Recruitment: Remote or on-site/in-person.

Looking Ahead

Over the past year, we welcomed new clients from Europe and the US, strengthening our presence in Germany. Quality data collection is our core strength, and we are dedicated to maintaining this standard. We still work old school: real people will continue to engage with real people.

Here’s to another five years of innovation, excellence, and collaboration!