Our journey at HOK Research GmbH has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by growth, adaptation, and an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch market research services.

From Concept to Reality

In 2018, we embarked on this incredible voyage, driven by the desire to establish a presence in Berlin. Our decision to open an office in this vibrant city was two-fold. Firstly, it was a strategic response to the uncertainties of Brexit, allowing us to remain in proximity to our European clients. Secondly, Berlin's rich cultural diversity and dynamic atmosphere made it the perfect location for a market research firm.

We commenced our journey under the name Kudos Research, entering the Berlin market in mid-2019. This was the starting point of an adventure that would soon take a pivotal turn.

The Evolution to HOK Research GmbH

In 2023, we made the transition from Kudos Research to HOK Research GmbH. The decision to rebrand was prompted by a need to eliminate any potential confusion. Another market research company also used 'Kudos' in their name, which occasionally led to mix-ups among participants and clients. We decided that a unique brand would be more fitting for our growing identity.

Navigating New Horizons

Our journey in Germany presented us with a learning curve, as we navigated the country's distinct rules and regulations, which differed from those of the UK. However, amid the variations, one constant held true: the shared passion for research that united us across borders. Our team remained dedicated to the pursuit of quality, which was at the heart of our vision.

A Focus on Biotech and Healthcare

From the outset, our primary focus in Berlin has been on biotech and healthcare. This sector held incredible potential, and we were determined to make a difference. While the advent of COVID-19 naturally introduced some challenges and slowdowns, we quickly adapted to ensure that our team could continue working from home, maintaining the quality of our services.

We were fortunate to keep our field projects on track even during the pandemic's most challenging phases. Our unwavering commitment to our clients ensured that projects were completed as planned.

Looking Ahead with Excitement

Today, we stand as HOK Research GmbH, and our niche focus on biotech and healthcare data collection and recruitment has allowed us to specialize and excel in these critical fields. Our clients have welcomed this focus, appreciating our dedication to their unique needs.

Our journey has been a remarkable one, shaped by growth, transformation, and the resilience to adapt to changing circumstances. As we move forward, we are excited to continue our mission in the world of market research, supporting the industry with biotech and healthcare data collection and recruitment, and offering our clients the highest quality service.

Volker Balk, Managing Director, HOK Research GmbH